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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Growing Membership

Each new member enhances the blog
Welcome Jack, to my blog and to what I have begun to call our blog family.  I guess I assume that new members have decided to join because they have been reading the blog and found it interesting or helpful.  So, I hope that you will continue to enjoy it!

My sense lately is that there has developed a spirited interest in the blog.  I feel that and it inspires me to write more, to make it better, and to grow the blog!  I feel as if I am caught up in the flow.   Some of you who have been reading for awhile will know what I mean.
As more participation takes place, the blog is becoming more of a joint project-something we are creating together.  The enthusiasm I sense coming in from visitors tells me that this blog is needed in the world.
If we all keep doing what we are doing, this resource will become better and better and of more and more benefit to the users, as well as more widely used.


  1. I'm exposing my ignorance here, but what does it mean to "join" or become a member of a blog? I have your blog as a bookmark on my computer, and read regularly, but just don't know what mean when talking about someone joining. Shoot, just trying to get this comment published was kind of hard because I don't know what to check as my profile.

  2. Dear rhndlev, Thanks for taking the trouble to comment. Even though I have created a blog, I am not very technologically savvy. I know my subject, psychology and psychotherapy, but I am no internet expert. I am learning as I go. How I see membership in a blog is as a stamp of approval for that blog from that person. By becoming a member that person says, I think this blog is valuable and it is important to me. Also, if that member has a website or blog of their own, they get some exposure for that. For the blogger, a reader becoming a member is a validation, a compliment. The members also give the blogger a little bit of an idea of who uses their blog (the majority of a blogger's readers are silent and anonymous. Also, the more people there are who have elected to be a member of a blog, the more 'street cred' the blogger has. Will the geeks out there please elaborate on my answer to this question? Thanks!