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This blog is about---You! Each and every post is about you. Use it to challenge your usual patterns, as a tool for self-discovery, to stimulate your thinking, to learn about yourself and to answer your questions about others.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

From The Hospital

 Have you noticed I've been absent?
 I had to go to the emergency room about a month ago and was admitted from there to the hospital where I've been ever since.  I was diagnosed with kidney failure and am hoping to get well, to re-build my stamina, and return to my life as it was.  I the meantime, I won't be able to write new posts-at least, not for awhile.  I am squeezing this one out for those of you who have just been left wondering------ 'What happened to Paula?', for those new followers who thought they had found something for their own inspiration and then it may have seemed to semi-disappear, and for those who have been supporting me  so faithfully for so long as I have been building the blog.  I miss you!  And, you deserve an explanation.

~~~Thank you for your loyalty~~~
I do have a few posts I had written, before I got sick, which are in draft.  Would you like for me to publish those?
One is about anger and self-righteousness, one is about inviting new members, one is about the members we have, one is a link to someone else's idea of how to choose a therapist, one is about how the licensing process has changed during the time I have been a therapist.  Which of these would you like to read?  
I won't be able to create new material for you here until my energy improves. (much as I want to).  The other thing you can do is what Sebastian has been doing,  making it a quest to go into the archived posts and read all of those that interest him.  You can also still comment to me and to each other, on the posts (I will be reading what you write).
Above all, don't give up on me.  
Getting back to my blog development is one of my primary goals!

I'd love to see some notes from you right here in the comment section.