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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today I am writing to all of you with a very heavy heart. Paula’s daughter Adrienne and husband John have asked me to post this message as her friend and her colleague. This special place on the “net” where all of you came to know her was one of her greatest joys. She loved her work and was a dedicated Marriage and Family therapist for over 25 years. 

To our great sadness, Paula lost her struggle with an aggressive cancer on Sunday, August 4th  2013.  However her lovely spirit lives online in “A Therapist’s Thoughts”. Paula was dedicated to  sharing her years of experience as a therapist and to providing people with this forum for supporting each other.  I quote from Paula’s own comment about her hope for this Blog.

“Primarily though, the intention of this blog is to provide a place for self-reflection and, also, to augment the process for anyone who is currently in therapy.”

She gave of her time freely here. She shared with us, she cared about us, and we felt it through her words. Her wisdom was ever-present. She frequently expressed her great joy and excitement over new visitors, commentary, and peaks in blog activity. Her inspiration for new posts was never-ending.

Paula cannot be replaced. Her soul has traveled on to other adventures and we are left with an empty space but with so much gratitude for having known her in this way. From my own perspective, Paula was a guiding light in my personal growth as a therapist and she was a loyal friend. There is no doubt in my mind that Paula Young was a “special” human being. Reading over the Blog postings makes me feel close to her again.

Paula’s final struggle was heroic and she chose to keep many details of her illness from others, I believe, to protect them. So don’t wonder too long why you may not have known how seriously ill she was. Paula would want us all to continue our lives in the best way we know how and to remember her as a wise and delightful personality. Please continue to post your thoughts and messages to each other as the family plans to leave the Blog active for awhile.

Carol Law