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Monday, June 25, 2012

Google + 1/A Dozen Doozies

12 Noteworthy Posts Chosen By You, The Readers

 These are the posts, of the 344 now published, that have merited a Google + 1.  Each of these was awarded, by the readers, that special designation of being outstanding in some way.    That two of these have also been on the All Time Most Popular Posts list stands to reason.  
For me, the blogger, it is a magnificent lift to see one of these +s appear next to a post.  I am so gratified that these 12 made someone feel they were important enough to be shared this way.  So, here they are, for those of you who would like to take a look: 

Another Look at How's the Fit has also been on the most popular list in addition to being Google+d

Out of The Question! (I like this title because it has a double meaning) 

This post, also has been on the popular list:  One Door Closes, Another Opens

One day I will put up some links to early posts that didn't get much attention because I didn't have many readers then.  But there are some hidden gems there!

Do you agree with the readers who Google + 1 ed these posts or have you found others that you think have greater merit?  You be the judge!

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