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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hope and A Tree

Yesterday, talking with a young woman, a college student, she was laying out her goals, all of the things that she hopes to achieve now and in the next few years.  They were a mix of practical things-like how to start her own business and what actions she might be prudent to take to prepare for acceptance and transfer to the university she has her sights set on.  Included were some personal 
growth wishes like, to become more accepting of herself and to develop her spirituality.  She was primarily asking for some specific advice and also expressing her dreams.  
   As we continued in this lively interaction, she paused and said that she suddenly felt nervous---unsure of whether she will achieve all that she has planned.  I told her that when she feels that way to imagine herself as a tree.  She is rooted, her trunk is stable and strong and-most importantly-there are spaces between her branches so the wind can just blow through.  If a storm comes, she won't be knocked over.
She liked this image so much and it seemed so helpful to her that I thought I would share it here.

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  1. Roots - that's what I've always tried to provide for my kids. A sure foundation for when the winds of change blow hard. I think it's a nice image too. Karen

  2. Karen, Good idea. Thanks, Paula