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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wishes Come True

A fantasy of mine or, imagining having a magic wand

This weekend, I bought a state lottery ticket.  The jackpot is $241,000,000.  It's a lot of money in my book.  Isn't it fun to dream about what you will do if you win?
One of the things that I like to think about is how I could make wishes come true.  
My dear friend who has a terminal illness and is struggling and fighting to stay alive---I would pay for the world's best doctors who specialize in his diagnosis.  I have a young relative who really wants to move but doesn't have the wherewithal to accomplish that.  Voila!  I would move her.  I know a couple who have a house and a car but they need a second car and a new house.  Or, even more fun would be to re-model, completely, the house they have.  Speaking of properties, I do know someone who is caught in this 'under water' loan situation that now exists here (value at which property was bought and for which a bank loan was procured, is now worth thousands of dollars less); I would take care of that in a minute!  I have a colleague, a wonderful, talented therapist who has her office in the middle of a very poor community.  She has made the interior of her office very attractive but, her landlord at her building is unwilling to do any repairs or upkeep.  It would be fun to buy that building, get her a receptionist and fix it all up so she could be comfortable in that important work she is doing.  Thinking about work, I know an artist and a yoga teacher each of whom would be ecstatic to have their own studio.  Done!  Magic!
Daydreaming:  I love to fantasize about this.  How would I do it?  Would I be an anonymous good fairy or a joyful friend?  
Every time I ponder this, I think of different people who have shared their dreams with me or, even who haven't but, just obviously could flourish with that one added thing that is out of their reach financially.
 It's fun.
This is a huge departure for me.  I've never written on the blog about anything so simply personal.  Sharing a bit of my inner child, I guess.  Usually you only hear my adult, professional voice.  I thought maybe there would be someone out there who could understand this fantasy, so I indulged myself today.
By the way, it isn't that I don't have my own wishes.  Of course I do.  Just like anybody does.  And I like to imagine being able to have those too.  It's all part of a happy daydream.

P.S.  No sooner did I write this (not posted yet, still in draft) but one of my clients said, sharing a regret:  "Every day I wake up  wishing I had finished school."  Funny how that happened, huh.  Wish I could make his dream come true.


  1. Thanks for sharing your inner child! A very giving and thoughtful child/adult you are.

  2. What a kind and encouraging comment. Thank you, Teresa!

  3. Loved reading about your gift-giving-lottery-induced dreams! I often have similar thoughts. I rarely play the lotto (have purchased maybe 2 tickets my whole life?!) but when I do, the list of who needs the money and for what is a mile long. Fun post!