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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Exercise to Lift Your Mood

"...mens sana in corpore sano---a healthy mind goes with a healthy body."

"...physical activity is good for your can improve mood, reduce anxiety and produce a sense of well-being.  "...evidence has been accumulating that exercise can help relieve and possibly even prevent depression.
     Physical effects are easier to measure than emotions, so this is a difficult subject to study.  There have been few...large-scale, controlled studies, but research shows fairy consistently that exercise can improve mood and help reduce depression...
     Why would exercise affect your emotional state?  It can boost various nervous system chemicals---notably dopamine, norepinephrine,and serotonin---that influence mood.  Even...the slight rise in body temperature caused by exercise might have a calming and pleasurable effect, as can the rhythms of the activity.
     Psychology also comes into play.  Any type of exercise can provide a sense of control and accomplishment.  It can serve as a distraction or time-out from daily anxieties and concerns.
     If you are one of the millions suffering from depression, you probably know that there are a variety of approaches to treatment and you may have to try several."  Exercise "...cannot replace therapy and/or medication, however, especially if you are severely depressed.  Keep in mind:
     vPick an activity that gets you out...and into the company of others.  Depressed people tend to isolate themselves, and isolation contributes to depression.
     vAny exercise appears to help, but it has to suit you and you have to do it regularly."
  •    jogging
  •   weight lifting
  •   walking
  •   swimming
  •   running 
  •   hiking
  •   playing a sport
  •   dancing
  •   martial arts
  •   aerobics
There's a few suggestions.  Do you feel inclined toward any of these?  If not, think of what you might like.  If it is fun or interesting to you, you are more likely to stick with it.  As children, most of us are active naturally; what do you remember that you liked to do as a child?
     "I can't promise that exercise will lift your mood, let alone cure depression...they're still good for your body and brain in so many ...ways."  It definitely makes sense to include exercise as a component of a mood-supporting program.  I have exercised most of my life and it always makes me feel good.  Sometimes I don't want to do it but, there's where a little self-discipline comes in; I do it anyway.  And I am always glad afterwards!
     Quotes are from an article by J. Swartzberg, M.D. titled Sound Body, sound mind in the WellnessLetter, August 2011
For more specific info on exercise with recommendations: 
To read more about the following additional benefits of exercising:
"better sleep, blow off steam, improve sex life, boost energy, lower blood pressure without medication, help children avoid obesity", go to

 Have you noticed your mood lift when you exercise?  Share your experience here.

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