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Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Vision

                             I believe that All human beings are creative beings

"Inspiration comes from everything.  It is the spark within your soul that entices you to create, the need to leave behind something greater than yourself.  Whether you are creating works of art or designing your day, the creative soul needs a place..." or a time or the unoccupied space, to be able to emerge.
Organize your life so that there is some time for your dreams to be dreamt, your thoughts to be formed and your vision to become more and more finely tuned.
(quote from Soft Surroundings and art piece from Anthropologie)

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  1. Hi Paula, I'm pleased to read your post about creativity. This is indeed food for the soul and can only flourish in the stillness between thoughts and the space between actions. Thanks for this offering. Vivian Baruch.