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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Californians and Travelers

di Rosa has an amazing and eclectic collection of work done by Bay Area artists.  Some of the pieces are early work by artists now renowned, others are current.

A wonderful day can be spent touring the art in this beautiful setting located in the Napa Valley.  A new exhibit just opened on June 18 and will be showing through September 17, 2011.

The Curator of this exhibit, Robert Wuilfe writes in his treatise on the exhibit:  "Writer Rebecca Solnit has found a similar---albeit sometimes more positive---dynamic operating in her study of individual and collective behavior during disaster.  A Paradise Built in Hell.  When discussing the work of sociologist and disaster specialist Charles E. Fritz she notes:  'Fritz sheds light on life during disaster, but the shadows cast on it are those of everyday life---of the alienation not just from each other but also from tangible solutions, heroic roles and chances to begin anew that disaster provides.  His essays hint that disaster is relatively easy, at least in knowing what to do and who to be.   It is everyday life that is hard, with its complications and ambiguities,  its problems to which no easy solution can be found, its conflicts between people because of economics and ideologies that become relatively insignificant in crisis'."

For my thoughts on the psychology of behavior in crisis, see post titled, In The Eye of The Storm.

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