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Friday, March 4, 2011

Bored To Tears

A way of structuring your thinking that may lead to improved self-esteem

 "Success Cycle:
1. Goal Setting > 2. Goal Achievement > 3. Satisfaction and Pride > 4. Increased Self-Confidence

People who are bored with life or lack enthusiasm and zeal usually have goals that are vague or meager, or else they have none at all.  Most of us make the mistake of thinking that a zest for living is something beyond our control, and so we do nothing to pursue it.  We immobilize ourselves and do not realize that immobilization isn't the result of depression.  Rather it's the cause.  It is difficult, if not impossible to be absorbed in pursuing a meaningful goal and be depressed at the same time.  Just as there is a success cycle, there is a failure cycle and it looks like this:

1. Immobilization > 2. Non-Achievement >3. Boredom, Depression > 4. Feelings of Worthlessness"
Author unknown

I posted this (despite not being in total agreement with everything in the quote) because I think it is a useful way to think about managing your self-esteem.
The italics on the word meaningful are mine because that would make all the difference for most people.  Any old goal will not have the effect of engaging your creative energy and excitement.  It needs must be something important to you.

Also, in reality, undue fatigue and lethargy are, in fact, symptoms of depression, which is possible to suffer from, due only to a chemical imbalance.  Some people who suffer from depression need medication.  But there are certainly many who habitually decline into the doldrums who could use a concept such as the one presented above to alleviate much suffering.  The research shows that for the majority of patients with this diagnosis,  a combination of psychotherapy and medication is the most effective treatment.  When I am presented with a person who has this complaint, I usually try  therapy only, first.  Sometimes counseling alone will suffice.  However, if we just can't get anywhere and the patient doesn't feel any relief, then I consider trying a medication regimen along with the counseling.  Most depression can be relieved.


  1. I have to agree with the auther and you as well as to the approach to treatment. It takes discipline to "move". Doing nothing either physically socially is the culprit. "It ain't easy being green"...nice entry!!

  2. Hi Sally. Yes, we can try to alleviate the blues by working from the outside in or the inside out. But, you're right, it is true that it is sometimes very challenging to motivate oneself once the doldrums set in! Thanks for commenting!