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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Frustrating For Me

Wasted Posts

You all, the wonderful people who come to my blog seeking something, seem to me to be missing out.  When you come here and see something you like and want to explore more, naturally you click on one of the Popular Posts on that list. 
So, what happens is that------Google counts the visits to each post and, thus, the same posts get listed and re-listed as being the most popular because most visits are limited to those posts.

There are 360 posts here (there are only 10 on that list), probably at least a few of that other 350  are better than those on that list.  Or, maybe there are some that will be of more interest to you, in particular.
So, please try some other search methods:
  1. Click on a label that sounds intriguing
  2. Type a word or topic into the search bar
  3. A 3rd way is to go to the Archive and click on a month
I promise, there is more here, much much more than just what shows on that list of 10 "Popular Posts". 

Besides that, you don't want me to be frustrated do you?


  1. Hi Paula, isn't that where the labels help us as well to see what else is around? and we can check that out and hopefully de-frustrate you a little. Or is it something else you need with the searches? still sort of new to this blog world thing. As an aside I just clicked on your voting poll and it shows nobody has voted although I just did?

  2. Caz, thanks for asking! Yes, I was talking about the Labels list on the right side of the Landing Page. If you see one that may b of interest to you, you put your cursor on it and click and a list of posts with that topic in them will appear on your screen. Then, if you see one you like, you can click on it and get the whole post. Glad you voted---yes, you, hopefully, you 'broke the ice'.
    I appreciate your personal responses :)

  3. Thanks Paula for this wonderful tips. I really appreciate it and I will take your advice. I agree with you about this and it's also frustrating that many blog sites are not that too informative.

    1. Oh good. We're on the right track now!