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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blog Note

There are nearly 200 posts on the blog now (194 to be exact).  Most of those are as pertinent today as they were when they were written.  This blog is unusual in that regard:  You can roam around it almost as you would, a reference book.  The topics are timeless.
There are a few that announce an event, for example, that occurs at a certain time-usually an art event-and, there are posts on cutting edge psychology theory as I pass on to you what I learn at the presentations I attend that are by some of the most renowned researchers in the area.  These are a few exceptions.  But!  99% of the posts are as readable now as when they were written.

I've noticed that many of you take advantage of looking at the "Popular Posts" listed on the right of the blog which is great!  It does, however, have the effect of keeping the same posts on that list since each post read is kept track of in the statistics done by Google.
Maybe you would like to try accessing some of the posts listed under "Labels".  These are organized because at least one thing in the post qualifies for the label, such as  "Suggestions" or "Client Quotes".  Once you click on one of the label titles, you will be taken immediately to all of the posts that are so labeled.  You can find some interesting things that way.  Give it a try!

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