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Monday, March 21, 2011

Commending Bravery

The current turmoil in the world.  What can we, as simple individuals do about it.

 This is a time in the world when there is intense suffering.  We have several places in the world where people are feeling afraid, shocked, and are sustaining huge losses.  This blog is read in so many different parts of the world, I wanted, not only to share my own feeling of concern for those who are in such harrowing and terrifying situations but also to call out to all of you.  Let's join hands in compassion for our sisters and brothers who are living these nightmares.
Maybe it's possible that we, from all our different directions can send some calming energy to these people who are already so hurt and continue to be hurt.
Whatever is your own spirituality---maybe it's prayer, maybe it's just holding a good thought, maybe it is doing a healing meditation, whatever it is for you, let's, today all do that thing for those who touch our hearts with their brave attitude in the face of such disaster and danger and distress.

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