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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Stress Reducing Methods"

A very popular post was the one listing the depression management techniques a long-term patient had developed.  So, this is a similar sharing.  This, on "stress reducing methods" from a returning patient (one who did a course of therapy previously, felt resolved, time passed, now she has returned).

  Here's an individual who has had more than her share of stressors to contend with; widowed at a young age, a single-parent, working full-time, son's fiance paralyzed in an accident, has an industrial injury and a number of health problems.  She recently came back to see me after 10 years (tho' she kept in  touch during that time) due to work-related issues and extended family problems.

So, here is her list:
~Mild stretching several times a day.
~At work:  takes breaks, looks out the window, takes short walks down the hall, gets a drink of water, changes work tasks frequently to avoid too much repetition, no heavy lifting and very conscious to stay in an ergonomic position at all times.
~Taking short walks---appreciating nature.
~Spending time with my family and my friends.
~Relaxing with my animals who make me smile.
~Adding beauty to my environment; hung a blooming plant by the front entrance to my house; it makes me smile as I enter my home.
~Making a point of watching the TV shows that I especially enjoy.
~Completing deep breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, visualization techniques, meditation, and prayer.
~Listening to music I like.
~Staying connected to friends & family by phone & e-mail while also remembering to limit home computer use and phone time.
~Meeting friends occasionally for a relaxing lunch or dinner together.
~I tried massage but it didn't work for me.
~I also tried physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, neither of these were good for me.
~I have several close friends who allow me to vent my feelings when I am frustrated or depressed.
~I see a psychotherapist weekly for stress reduction and help with coping.
~I have it in mind to try acupuncture but haven't yet.
So, there you have it.  I changed very little.  Most of that is in her own words.  A valiant effort on her part, don't you think?

Will you adopt her list or perhaps generate one of your own?

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