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Monday, March 15, 2010

Doing Something About It

Tonight my Feldenkrais teacher said:  "If you're not aware of it, you can't do anything about it."
Her statement struck me as being, besides a way to encourage her students to develop their kinesthetic sense, another way to say - observe yourself.  In the post Seeing Your Self, I proposed the idea of making self-observation a habit.

Occasionally in therapy, a client will describe a problem, I will indicate that I understand it, then the client says, 'so, what do I do about it?'.  An easy answer, of course, is not what you want from a therapist.  If you are seeking formulaic solutions, a self-help book alone will offer that.  What therapy is for is discovering the best way for the individual you.  It provides the discipline of a regular time to focus on yourself and your particular concerns.  It includes a container of sorts--an office in which to formally conduct your self-exploration, but also a confidential container.  And then there is a person who joins you in your individual journey.

That's the therapy route; there are other paths to personal growth and creative problem solving.  But don't they all require being aware?

Do you have any comments about self-observation or developing your awareness?  Please share them!

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