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Friday, March 26, 2010

More On Happiness

A few notes on  happiness---ideas and how-to's

 Hedonics, the interdisciplinary field of the study of happiness, says, according to Mirka Knaster that it is folly to "..equate personal happiness with material gain."  To find happiness, she writes, we must "..broaden our pursuits beyond the acquisition of wealth and status...".  She offers Richard Layard's advice;  "Enjoy things as they are, without comparing yourself to others, and discover what truly makes you happy.  He encouraged us to tame our rat-race instinct and train ourselves---using, for example, cognitive therapy, education, and Buddhist meditation techniques---to live in a more balanced way, not simply driven by competition for status."

Meditation instructor, James Baraz, offers the following suggestions:
~writing about what the word joy means to you
~doing some form of physical movement, such as yoga, dance, or taking walks
~making a "nourishment list" of activities you enjoy, checking off those you do regularly and circling the ones that could be done more often       
~checking in with your "joy buddy", a kind of running-partner in the pursuit of happiness.
One of the major blocks to happiness is a sense of isolation.

I would add that savoring good things that are already present in your life can contribute to a feeling of satisfaction.  When you get a new carpet, why is it exciting only at first?  Why not still think 2 years later how wonderful it is to have that plush soft carpet under your feet?
How about reviewing your accomplishments?  It doesn't always have to be a new achievement that rings your bell.  You can feel proud and gratified by what you've done in the past.
Tell me, have you found ways to promote happiness in yourself?
Remember our previous client quote:  "We make our own happiness."

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