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Friday, May 11, 2012

Call For Participation

Asking Your Advice

This is  not a half-hearted offering.  This is not a neglected blog.  This is not something I do in an off-handed way.  I work on this blog every single day ( yes, really---every day).  It's a devotion.
Writing to you comes naturally to me.  The computer, I wrestle with.  I did not grow up with computers, so sometimes I spend a lot of time trying to get something changed or added or fixed, here.  Some blogs are snazzier than mine with things zooming across the page, pictures that can be moved by placing your cursor on it, and so on.  But even though my presentation is simple, I make no apology for my content.  It is solid.  And, I put my heart into that,---well, into the creation of the whole blog, really.  But, I just feel fine about what I am offering, in ideas, in sharing inspirational quotes, in offering summaries of seminars I attend, and in stories about the dear people who are my patients.  Even my photographs, which my daughter told me are "quirky", I like (quirky can be okay).  In fact, I believe they've gotten better over time.
 I think having healthy self-esteem means you can own your personal assets and be grateful for and proud of them  while, at the same time, not being afraid of recognizing your limits and weak points.  I mean to be a role model for that here.
When I began the blog, it was a full-out wish to give and to share.  I've written about benefactors before and about paying it forward and the butterfly effect.  I was wanting to be a benefactor to the world, in a way or, at least, to be a butterfly effect in starting something good.

It has been so much fun for me to see the map that Google provides me and note the different countries that my lovely readers are from.                  
Artist, Elisabeth Lecourt
  In fact, I have a paper map up on my wall with a colored stick pin in each country that has visited here.  I know what's in my heart---my intention is to help, to lift up spiritually, to introduce possibilities, to spark your imagination, and to create an alive space for you---in which you can grow, evolve, and learn.
That sounds awfully ambitious, doesn't it.  But, I do it at my office, in my psychotherapy practice. Some of the comments you have written have been such a great addition.  When I see that, I know that what I hope for is happening.  It's really wonderful and exciting for me!
Much earlier in the blog, I tried, briefly, allowing advertisers to place ads there.  That didn't last long!  Ugh!  Some of the ads were so inappropriate, it was almost funny.  When an ad came up that was exactly opposite to the intention of my post (maybe some of you saw it, it was on the post titled, Shyly), they were out!  I also just didn't like the commercial look of having advertising on here.
This is a professional blog, a loving, personal, professional blog.  It has it's own character.  I just couldn't stand compromising my message.  I had Amazon as an option for readers to use until they (Amazon) had some trouble with California laws.  When they got that straightened out, I didn't re-up with them as my readers had never used that option.

Recently I have been trying to notice how much time I actually spend on the blog.  It's hard to tell as I go to it first thing in the morning (yes, I first look to see who's come to visit! You are important to me); I work on it in the evening, on weekends (it is Saturday morning right now) and, once in a while, I get to work on it in the middle of the day.  Usually though, I am working at the office (most therapists refer to that as "the consultation room"...!) with my patients at that time.   I guesstimate it at, maybe 30 or more hours a week.
In 2011, I made an attempt in the other direction, instead of seeking support for the blog, I tried doing less for the blog; to make the blog less taxing on me, I reduced my frequency of posting-if you look at the archive on the right, you'll see the difference in the total number of posts between 2010 and 2011.  I am still on the new program, but it really isn't the answer.  For the blog to be what I want it to be, for my readers---high quality information, interspersed with some lighthearted offerings, and generally current, positive, and useful---it requires attention.
So, as I approach my anniversary of putting out this publication for three years, I have thought about how can I continue to sustain this on my own.  I know that there are a number of ways to generate some income from a blog, like pay-per-click, turnkey service, advertising and affiliate programs, paid subscriptions, EFT from reader to blogger, etc.  I really don't want to go the commercial advertising route again.  If I had one, or a few good sponsors who were selling something that was congruent with what I am trying to do here, that would be wonderful.  But, so far, they have not appeared...!
I don't want to do a paid membership blog because part of my vision for this offering is to make something available to people who may not have access to it otherwise.  

What do you think?  I am calling for your participation here.  Do you have any ideas about how I can generate some income to support the blog?
 This is, this time, writing to you not about what I've learned but, writing to you to learn.

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  1. I was thinking about this after reading your call. That's a difficult one for sure and for most bloggers I imagine. Some of the different things I've seen other bloggers do is really adding more work again; for example:

    * keeping the blog free but adding a paid membership area for running additional activities eg. journal writing sharing and comments; discussion forums
    * turning the blog into a book and having a ready market from blog followers who although they've read it in blog form may be motivated to also purchase the book
    * using the blog as advertising for offering online therapy or for attracting new clients to in person therapy

    again, all really involve extra work though

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions!
    So far, what I did was put up a "Donate button" which got 2 immediate donations and then 'went silent'. So, for now, I am waiting for my lucky 3rd donation :)