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This blog is about---You! Each and every post is about you. Use it to challenge your usual patterns, as a tool for self-discovery, to stimulate your thinking, to learn about yourself and to answer your questions about others.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Is Three A Lucky Number?

Celebrating the blog
Exactly 3 months from today, it will be the 3 year anniversary of my blog.  On June 26th, 2009, I wrote my very 1st post.   
This one makes 313 posts.     Here's to yesterday, today and tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts for the last 3 years!

  2. Dear Anony---I am so glad you are here! Please join the conversation anytime. Let's continue to exchange ideas, share questions, and learn about ourselves and how to nourish our relationships as I 'keep on keepin' on' with my on-going blog creation.