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Friday, May 11, 2012

See What You Want To See

Be who you want to be

You can positively affect your own sense of well-being by managing your outlook on life.  Savor your positive experiences, re-visit them, relish them, remember them.  By emphasizing the  good that comes your way, you can internalize that positive emotion which will in turn, improve your mood
There will be worries, no doubt.  Just don't let yourself sink into them:  Be buoyant.
Setbacks will occur.  Don't let them determine your direction:  Support your own self-confidence.

Do you want greater happiness?  Better ability to cope?  Deeper relationships?  Shift your focus from the negative and emphasize the good feelings.  Make them last.  You can change your outlook on yourself and on the world.

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  1. Paula, nice reminder to change the energy and stay centered. thanks

  2. It is amazing what can change when we are willing to shift our perceptions. Why are we so sure problems will stay, but we're equally sure happiness will fade? Great message, and as you've said before, it takes time to incorporate new thinking into our lives... Being patient as we shift our perceptions is one I'm sure we can all work on! Thanks for the reminder... Loren