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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Note

A note to you, my reader
 Relationships, therapists, and addictions have received the most votes in the poll so far.  So, the next post, which will go up on Friday will be a short, but interesting post on the subject of relationships.
So far, no one has voted for the posts that I write after I attend the Herrick Hospital Psychiatry Grand Rounds.  However, these posts are in the top ten (google stats) All Time for reader visits.  (Subtracting to Add is #2 for All Time) I guess that the people who read those aren't the same ones who are voting!  Anyway, this is a way for me, to get to you, some of the cutting edge research in the field of psychology which was a promise I made when I began the blog.  When I attend the Grand Rounds, I hear presentations and interact with the lead theorists in the field.  It's exciting!  And, it still seems to me to be a value to include it in the blog.  Those posts will still be included but, less frequently.

There are a lot of other topics that I have written on which weren't included in this poll, such as, friendships, personal growth, lying, shyness, how people function, curiosity, the therapy process, transitions, depression, gratitude, and more.  If there is another topic that you like that was not on the poll, you can ask me to write on it in the "Comments" section.
If you are looking for some information on a particular topic, you can type it into the "Search bar" at the top right and you'll get, at least, a partial list of posts on that topic.  Or, take a look through the "Labels" section; if you click on a label, again,---it will take you to the posts that have that topic in them.
Above all,  please peruse the blog.  Dig in.  There are almost 300 (297 to be exact) posts here.   Almost all of them are as pertinent today as they were when written.  The only posts that are time limited are a few I've written announcing art events.  Most are timeless.

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