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Friday, August 19, 2011


An aspect of compassion
 Sometimes a simple list of words can be used to focus your meditation.  These words are states of being that contribute to being able to be compassionate toward others and, even, toward yourself.                                                          Calm~Serene~Tranquil~Peaceful
There are many meditation suggestions in this blog.  Or, perhaps you'd like to design your own meditation.  Maybe you'd like to make your own list of words-a list to comfort you, a list to remind you of your goals, or a list of positive self-reflection.  I have a client who from time-to-time makes a card which she keeps with her to reinforce something she wants to keep in mind.  You could make one too and keep it in your pocket or bag.  "For thousands of years meditation has been practiced in the East as a tool for inner peace...There are as many meditation techniques as there are traditions.  Mostly, the discipline involves practices of breathing and visualization techniques.  The effects of regular meditation have been well documented by studies.  Its benefits include lowered blood pressure, less heart disease, decreased chronic pain, and increased mental clarity...Start meditating today and feel your tension melt away."   Dr. Maoshing Ni 
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