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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charting Your Course

A way to envision & possibly promote your dreams for your future.
"'s destiny is shaped from within then one has become more of a creator, has gained freedom.  This is self-transcendence, a process of change that originates in one's heart and expands outward, always within the purview and direction of a knowing consciousness, begins with a vision of freedom, with an "I want to become...", with a sense of potentiality to become what one is not.  One gropes toward this vision...with no map, and no guarantee.  Here one acts as subject, author, creator."(credit:  How People Change by Allen Wheelis)

Two people have come to me independently of one another to share their own wish for their individual future.  One was a Hatha Yoga teacher and the other was a patient.  One called their personal template for the future a Vision Board, the other called it a Dream Board.  One had images and writings of that person's past, present and future.  The other had only the future portrayed.  One did a new board at the beginning of each year, the other had it, in process, as an on-going project.  One said it was so personal that she wouldn't show me and would not consider showing it to anyone, the other showed me part of his.  But these images, self-created and honest, felt very private (and important) to each of these people.

As you can see, this is an idea some people have for imagining their future, remembering their goals and noticing their past and present configuration as well.  Yet these two examples, at least, were very different in the method of manifesting the details.  What was in common was that these are concrete, visual objects created for the purpose of reflection and change.  Both are an attempt to live in a more conscious manner.

It has been popular recently to put forward the notion that if you hold a picture in your mind of what you want, then there is a better chance that it will be manifested.  I have had this experience myself  and yet, I have no way of giving instruction on how to make this occur.  And I have to allow for the possibility of coincidence.  However, if you have an intention, and you make it clear to yourself, whether it be with a vision board or a picture in your mind, or a prayer, or a written manifesto to yourself, however you can put in your awareness---you are more likely to move in that direction.  That, at least, is only logical.

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  1. You may enjoy seeing a copy of the best selling book "THE VISION BOARD" Visioning is one of the ancient arts of how you can focus in on a mage. Creating the vision boards is both a left and right brain procesws

  2. Check this out: Joyce Schwarz has referred us to her book which is an inspiration to do your own vision board.
    Joyce, I especially like your concept, "...the wonders of your life". (I've also written on this blog about gratitude). Thank you Joyce for this contribution!

    And I will add: "Thoughts are things." Lady Jane Holman Sutherland