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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Bienvenue.  Huanying.  Qillkommen.  Nozime wsat lai pni seit.  Apaka svagata hai.  Welkom.  

 I have just learned that, in addition to my wonderful American and Canadian readers that I also have several readers from China!  I also have a couple from Germany.  There has been one visit each from the following countries: Latvia, New Zealand, India, and The Netherlands.
I am so excited to find that you are here!!
Google has created an on-going analysis of our blogs.  So, now I can get stats on where my readers are from, when the blog is accessed, and which posts are being read & how many times.
It's very fun for me, the writer---and so encouraging.  Since they offered it, I have checked all the statistics every day  ;-)
Now I am thinking I might look into offering translations of my blog into some of these other languages, just as a courtesy, as you can obviously read English even if it isn't your first language (good for you!)
My wish is that some of you from these other countries will write some comments---it would be such an enhancement to the blog to hear a bit of the perspective from other cultures.
Again, so happy to have you here!!

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