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Friday, February 5, 2010

Compassion for Commuters

1.  Listen to 102.1 FM radio; announcers are not radio personalities and all have pleasant-to-beautiful speaking voices.  They say soothing things like, here is a piece that will calm you if you are stressed.
Their commercials are all in a bunch so you can turn down the sound at that time if you want.  The music is classical.

2.  When other drivers---try to pass you on the non-existent right lane, when drivers in a rush get too close to your car and other cars, the unsolicited sharing of high-volume music, motorcycles with extra loud exhaust pipes, drivers who use the freeway exit ramps to pass cars in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway (while you and many others are cooperatively waiting in line), drivers who use too high a speed in rainstorms, tailgaters, people who turn left in front of you when you have the straight road right-of-way, cars parked so close to your driver's side door (in a parking lot ) that you can't get in that door, pedestrians who walk across the street at night in dark clothes where there is no crosswalk, much less street lights, those in stop-and-go traffic who won't let even one car merge in, irritable drivers who get immediately enraged when you make a genuine mistake------try not to entertain the idea that revenge will help you feel better.  It won't.

3.  Take a long, slow, deep breath.  It will slow down your physiology right away.  Make it a habit.  It can become an automatic self-care action.

4.  Consider the thought that another driver who does something wrong did, in fact, make a genuine mistake.

5.  Take a long, slow, deep breath.


  1. I cuss them and then I ask for forgiveness and then I erase it from the universe and then I say a prayer (but I still don't like them; they are very selfish and entitiled)

  2. Road rage - sometimes warranted? Why do they all think they have to get in MY lane - don't they know I own it? Can't they hear what I'm yelling at them? B r e a t h e .... great solution for a lot of stressful situations. Karen