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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your Assets

For the most part, people come to counseling presenting problems, conundrums, puzzles, and personal challenges.  At the same time that we are focusing on that, I also look for the patient's personal assets.  What is this person's strong point?  What are their best traits?  How do their most effective coping mechanisms work?  It seems to me to be important in therapy to see not only what's wrong but, also what is right.
Toward that end, there is some research being conducted about character strengths; this study was recently highlighted on a PBS documentary about human emotional life.  The study has put up a questionnaire online (takes about one half hour to do-you answer with a click, 240 questions or, if you choose, there is also a shorter version).  In return, you get a a list, with a brief description, of your individual character strengths.  They are arranged in descending order, so, your most developed strength is discussed first, at the top of the list, then your second strongest and so on.
It is all positive so it should be fun and interesting.
It occurred to me in perusing my own results, that those traits at the very bottom of the list could be considered assets to develop.  These might be looked at as assets you already have  that could be strengthened.
So this could be used as a tool for personal growth.  However, you could also, just enjoy it!

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