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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Some people are fascinated by what's next.  the new, the novel, is what captures their attention.  It isn't that they don't like traditions---but they are looking forward to the next holiday, not pondering the last one.  These types often have an intuitive sense of what the future holds and are quick to identify trends.

The other type feel deeply about what has happened in the past.  For them, it is important to remember, and a pleasure to review, enjoyable events of the recent or far past.  Memories carry meaning and contribute to bonds with others.

Both of these types can change in therapy.  The path each takes may look a little different but the benefit is still there for both types.

Some people find making the transitions that life always demands, to be quite a challenge; others maneuver them quite readily.  I am convinced that there is a genetic component to this tendency since we can see it in babies.  Some stay calmer as they are moved to a different environment or a different person enters the scene and some show distress the minute the current flow is interrupted.  Parents who notice can help the first type to learn to entertain themselves and help the second type to stay centered in the face of change.

Autumn is a transitional time offered by nature.

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