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This blog is about---You! Each and every post is about you. Use it to challenge your usual patterns, as a tool for self-discovery, to stimulate your thinking, to learn about yourself and to answer your questions about others.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome Mieke

Mieke has come on board as our 31st Member of the blog.

Somehow I  feel a sympatico with you, Mieke.  The picture at the top of your blog looks almost exactly like my backyard (here are some flowers from there).  Looking at your website makes me think that you and some of the other members here might enjoy one another's sites.  I have a soft spot for The Netherlands.
I am very happy to have you here.


  1. I quite enjoy when you post about new followers, as it introduces me to all kinds of new folks out there - from all different walks of life! I enjoyed this idea of yours so very much that I snatched the idea and brought it into my own blog!

    And welcome, Mieke!

  2. Welcome Mieke! And thank you Paula for sharing your beautiful roses!

  3. Hi Teresa---So good to know you visited!!

    Amanda, Glad you are enjoying the discovery of the other interesting members. My postings about the new members are heartfelt-I truely do get excited when a new person comes on board. I have begun to feel like we are a special kind of family, a blog family, creating something together. It really all is, quite wonderful.