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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Note-Letter to My Readers

You can help me to do better for you

The more I know about you, the better I will be able to focus the blog.  If I can gear my posts to what you are looking for, more of the blog will be useful to you.  
The only demographics I get from Google are the countries you are in  and how many readers come from each country and which posts are being read. 
I can't tell much from the posts being read as, most of the time, visitors are reading the same posts over and over; it is because they click on "Most Popular Posts" and so the same ones keep appearing on the list.  (however, there are 390 posts to choose from).  
Most blogs are about short-lived, immediate topics; the topics on this blog are almost all, enduring.  They can be pertinent---if they are of interest to you as an individual---anytime.
My request:  Please answer the poll.
It is completely anonymous.

If I know my audience, the blog will improve.  

Do you have suggestions for a poll that might tell me more?


  1. I'm most interested in your perceptions of clients, the therapy relationship and how you do your job!

    Also, anxiety is my life's biggest culprit. THANK YOU for your blog!

    1. Dear Anonymous: There is a post which describes an image that is useful to conjure up when feeling anxious. It's called Hope and a Tree.

  2. This kind of feedback is very helpful to me as a writer. Those of you who give me this kind of information will contribute to shaping the blog.
    The appreciation is also welcome!!

  3. I frequently read the forums at Many participants struggle with the therapist/client relationship. More specifically, boundaries and transference issues are always a hot topic. There is even a sub-forum called "romantic feelings towards my therapist" that's always interesting to read. From reading posts, I think that too many people struggle quietly when feelings develop towards their therapist. Clients feel that they cannot talk to their therapist about it. Some fear abandonment/referral to another therapist.