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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Value of Blogs

We vote for the good ones by joining as followers and by donating to their support

Personally I find inspiration and information by reading blogs.  Recently, though, I was seeking some information on the website of a well-known doctor of integrated medicine.  As I was trying to stay focused I began to notice that I was feeling scattered.  I recognized that it was due to so many ads appearing by the text, by ads flashing, interfering with my process, and vying for my attention.  
It is tiring to have to actively filter out all that extraneous information.  
I don't use advertising on my blog.  This is why I installed the Donate Button.  If you have found some value for yourself here, maybe you will voluntarily offer a donation.  It's so different from being assaulted by ads trying to force you to succumb to their pitch.


  1. I have to agree with the annoyance of the ads that are on the sides of some blogs. I also understand the need for blogs to be more self-supporting. The donation button seems like a great compromise!

  2. Thank you, Purple Dreamer, for this validation! I really appreciate it. P.