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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blog Notes

To my readers

Hi everybody.  First and foremost, thank you for voting on my poll.  Getting some feedback from you is very helpful to me.
This is the second poll wherein you've told me that the long, more complex posts are your favorite offering on my blog.  That's very nice for me since those thoughts are mine and, while they sometimes pull together the research and offerings of others in the field, they are my personal creations and really reflect, in large part my personal philosophy and approach to therapy.  I have a long post in draft which will be up within the next 10 days; title:  Speak When Spoken To.
Short posts,  my meditations, and the book and CD links which I give you all got 66% of the vote.  Your Question of the Day seems less popular.  I think I will continue it for awhile and then replace it (I have some ideas for that).  It is a once a month feature, posting on the 20th of every month.
The Amazon portal got 0 votes.  But I will try to persuade you differently;  If you are going to order something from Amazon anyway, if you do it through my blog, I get some (a little tiny) credit for it.  Over time, they'll add up.  So, it is something you can do for me.

If there is anything else, not listed in that poll, that you particularly like or don't like on the blog, please leave me a message about it in the comments section.  I really want to know.
I've noticed a lot of page views of the No Denial Here post lately; just want to let you know, if you are interested in the topic of alcoholism, addiction, or substance abuse, that, there are a number of other posts on that topic  Here are some of the titles,
  • When Fire Water Causes Conflagration
  • Subtracting to Add
  • Addiction

Two other things I will ask for:  The Americans, my fellow citizens form the largest readership.  This I know from the statistics provided by Google, but, I have no way of knowing which part of the country you are in.  It would be fun for me to know that.
And, finally, it would be wonderful to have comments from some of the many people of different cultures around the world, who read this blog.  Your point of view would be so interesting to us and would, undoubtedly, enrich the blog.

The new slide show is an homage to the Russian readers who currently comprise the third largest readership here, (right after Canada and the U.S.).  Thanks Russia!

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