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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trusting Your Chosen Course

This post is a continuation of the writings on Dream Boards.
 Were you honest with yourself when you created your Dream Board?  As you search within, let your true wishes bubble to the surface.  At the beginning of your process, at least, try not to censure yourself.  You can always refine your quest later (Dream/Vision Boards are not made in concrete-they can evolve).  As you search your psyche for the seeds of your future, your inner images and intuitions should all be listened to.  If you remember your dreams, they, also, may offer a contribution (I think it was, again, Carl Jung

who said:  "an uninterpreted dream is like an unread letter.").  If part of your vision
seems odd (for example, most people might think it would be normal to wish for free money, but, maybe one of your longings is to work or to find yourself in a position to be a contributing citizen), all the better.  As I put forward at the very beginning of this entire blog, each of us is unique!  So, if it seems that some of your dreams are out-of-the-ordinary, so much the better!  It is probably an indication that you are closely aligned with the true you.

"The wisdom hiding in the ground resembles the wisdom within instinct, intuition, the gut; capable of meaningful arrangements if we allow ourselves to trust and get comfortable with it."  Craig Chalquist
To an extent, your Vision Board will self-organize.
Trust:  If it doesn't feel right, toss it.  If it resonates within you, it stays.
Patience is required for the powers of growth to manifest.
Your Vision Board is a reflection of you; you are the designer and it is your life coach.

This post is a continuation of previous posts on the topic of evoking your wishes to bring to consciousness a plan for your life; most are titled Charting Your Course

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