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Friday, September 24, 2010

blog business

      Amazon, an unwanted ad, "older posts" and feedback for me.
1.  Two months ago, I posted to you that Amazon would be up and running on the blog in two weeks...!
I struggled & struggled with it.  Two friends tried to help me iron out the wrinkles.  Finally, Wrenay Charlton, you may remember her name as the talented graphic designer who gave the blog its current improved look, came to the rescue.  (She is also a computer whiz).  Now, if you are interested in any of the books I refer to in the posts, you can click on the title and immediately get connected to more information about the book and options for buying it.  Also, you can easily access Amazon for any other purchasing or shopping interests you may have by placing your cursor on the widget at the top of the box on the upper right of the screen.  I hope it turns out to be a convenience for you.
The only remaining glitch is that somehow a company that has my same name has an advertisement on my page that I can't get rid of.  So, for now, know that I have no connection  to that wi_ company.

My Office
2.  I am pleased to see that many of you read posts that are not on the front page, although no one yet has gone back to posts written before 2010.  The topics I write about are not time-dependent, one could almost say, they are timeless.  I have only written twice about topics limited to that current time---one was to share with you information about an incredible art event that was taking place in Canada; the other was a cultural exploration of President Obama and how his background might be influencing his response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf when that happened.
Other than those two, of about 135 articles, they should all be as relevant today as the day they were written.  You can skip around in the blog and read what peaks your interest; you do not have to read it in order.
3.  Once again, I am going to ask you for comments.  Checking one of the boxes that always appear at the bottom of each post is the easiest way.  If you want to write a comment, you can easily do that anonymously.  Of course, knowing who you are would be even better!  In any case,  here's me, hoping to hear from you!!

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