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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wth a View to Plenty

Abundance and remaining open to possibilities.

In Kundalini Yoga teachings there are some meditations designed to invite prosperity.  At least, there are two that I know of.  When practicing these meditations, Sahib Amar cautions us to remember some things:  Part of the purpose of putting one's focus on a particular concept is to increase one's awareness.  There are many types of abundance  so our definition should not be allowed to narrow; keep in mind that your definition can include a wide and unique-to-you array of items or experiences.  Most important, was her admonition to try not to miss the opportunity for abundance; she suggests that many opportunities or even offerings of abundance may come our way but if we are not open to the idea, we may just miss it!

It is common to think, when we are pondering along these lines immediately of, affluence, or monetary wealth.  I do not diminish the importance of having enough and as John Hollender said to me recently:  "Money greases the wheels of life."  And, I agree, money can make many things in life easier.  So it certainly counts as an item that can go on the abundance list.  But what are some of the other forms of abundance that we don't so often consider?  Personally I live in a location that offers vast views of the natural world,  existing in a fairly undisturbed state.  I count that as abundance.  Some people are multi-talented---might we say that they have abundant personal gifts?  A family may have an especially vibrant social life; it could be said that they have an abundance of friendship or popularity.  Those are just a few examples.

I would also add that the path to abundance--of whatever kind--may not be predictable.  So it might be wise to remain open to opportunities that present themselves in disguise, i. e., not what you would expect.  Just try to notice what occurs in your life, while holding in an open heart, the idea of abundance.

We are, in our society, quickly getting very practiced in an attitude of scarcity.  Try to keep some balance to that in your own psyche.  If you want to experience the sense of abundance now, try the tack described in the post titled, Gratitude.

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