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Monday, December 14, 2009

Being Santa

"I always ask, 'If this gift could talk, what would it say?'"
Natalie Lee Gian. LPC
Giving a gift is not such a simple thing.  There is motivation behind it.  Sometimes it may indeed be a simple heartfelt offering, a spontaneous moment of generosity or, a wish to share something you value with a person you care about.
However gifts can also communicate something specific to the recipient:  Expanding on the suggestion of the therapist quoted above, here are some possibilities:  The gift may say to the one receiving it, "I was picked out in a hurry." or  "I'm here to impress you." or  "I was a bargain!".
On the other hand, a gift can say, "I am something you like."  "I was made with love."  "I suit you."

I bet you can come up with  many more. 

Many of us feel  pressured and rushed at  this time of year.  Or, we may feel that at other times too---like wedding season, for example!  The challenge posed here to me and to you is offered here on my post not  to add to the demand.  All paths lead to the Self; it is suggested as another way to self reflect.  Just be honest with yourself--this idea is for you.  It could be interesting to examine your own motivations.  

A final note on the subject of gift-giving:  You may be in a situation where you simply feel obligated to give a gift.  Even then, I believe that if you stop and take a moment to really focus on the person the gift is destined for, you'll feel better about the process.
If it is truly a gift from the heart, inexpensive or extravagant, regardless, I submit that your loving intention will be communicated.

~Most of us feel pleased when we sense that we have been thought about by someone in our lives.~

It is often said, to try to combat the commercialism of Christmas, that the most precious gifts are not 
under the tree.  This can be-- rather than trite, actually true.  
Center yourself, take a long, slow, deep breath and be the gift--the gift of affection for those you celebrate with this holiday season.

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  1. Is your kitty waiting for the phone to ring? Or does she want your affection rather than have you talk on the phone - it looks like she's commandeered it! Gift giving can illuminate those areas of your life that need updating. Found out I really don't know that much about my son's likes/dislikes, hobbies, etc. Not much communication - and he lives in my house.
    Hope your gift buying making is going well. Miss you, Karen