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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not Easily Impressed

Is that you?  Is it easy for you to criticize?  Do you often feel skeptical?  Do you pride yourself in being a hard sell, not easily impressed?  There's something to be said for withholding false praise, certainly.  And not being easily swayed may be important when, for example, engaged with a car salesman.  Yes, a little reserve and skepticism are appropriate in some situations.  But, if you are too guarded, you and those closely involved in your life, may miss out.

Nearly everyone can benefit from some encouragement.  It must be sincere but, given that, some sincere praise has the power to lift spirits, to infuse another with energy, and to spur new enthusiasm.  Surely children make good use of encouragement in using it to help them grow, try new things, and develop skills.  But all adults,--- elderly adults, mid-life adults, young adults and teenagers, can all be powered by praise.

You have the ability to assist an elderly person with self-appreciation.  Does that person who is older and more experienced than you are seem wise?  Then why not tell them!  You have the power to improve a friend's mood by telling them what a treasure they are to you.  You can encourage a young child to try a new task by saying, You're catching on!  You can influence an adolescent to make a positive choice by noticing and remarking upon it when they show responsible behavior.
You can do it!

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