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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh! That First Visit

            Starting therapy  
 Today I was in a medical office for an appointment of my own and the nurse, who had previously asked me for a therapist referral, wanted to say how happy she was with the therapist I had sent her to.
As we talked, she said some things about how difficult it was for her, however, at first.  She said how, in the beginning, she felt unsure about the therapist as a person.  She saw therapy as "a commitment", something she wanted, but, would have to fit into an already busy schedule.  There's the cost to consider also.  And then, of course, the patient-to-be is proposing (to themselves) to offer up very personal information to someone who, at the beginning , is a complete stranger.  All of this can lead to some pretty strong reservations.  If the patient is brand new to the process, that is, has never been in therapy before, with anyone, it is even more daunting to be in that situation for the first time.
Some new patients are so uncomfortable, they just don't return.
And, yet, just yesterday, one of my patients (remember the patient in the I've Lost 38 Pounds post?---that patient), spontaneously said in the midst of the session:  "Oh, it just helps so much just to be able to talk about it."  At the end of the visit she stated:  "It is so important to have a place of your own, where you can go and just talk about anything-whatever is troubling you.  It's my own sanctuary."  And as she left, a heartfelt, "Thank you!".  So, if you stick it out (and sometimes it will not turn out to be the right therapist for you; but, if it is),------what a resource!

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