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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


                                    Reader run-down
 Hello Japan!  I had wondered if I would ever see you here.  Welcome on board!
After the U.S. and Canada, Venezuela still contributes our largest number of readers (Veneuela, did you notice that I have a slide show at the top of the page in honor of your readership?  Does anyone recognize the location of the photos?)  Australia has caught up with China now for fourth place.  Brazil and Germany have exactly the same number of visits to the site at this time.  Japan is tied with the U. K.  And, finally we have our lovely readers from the Netherlands.  So, that's the run-down.  Isn't it interesting?   We have a view of who in the world is interested in current psychology and in personal adult development.
We do have visitors from quite a few other countries but the numbers are small and the visits infrequent so I didn't list them.  But, I am so happy to have each of you here.  This was my original vision---to expand what I do in my office to be available, to a degree, to anyone in the world who would wish to take advantage of that opportunity.
It is what I have learned and am learning, in my work and in my own growth process, but, also the lessons and wise words of my patients, that I wished to share.

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