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Monday, August 16, 2010

Charting Your Course #2

Tips to consider including in your vision/dream board (good for almost everyone)

~  Move.  Do not sit for more than 4 hours straight.  New research has identified this as the tipping point for initiating a cascade of physiological events that lead to metabolic syndrome, the first being the tendency to add fat to the waistline.

~Work.  But, if possible, work for 5 hours a day.  Reason:  Anthropologists think that our ancient ancestors (the hunter-gatherers) worked at those tasks-gathering plant products and hunting animals and fish-, and building fires, cooking, and whatever else they had to attend to, for about 5 hours a day.  So I am proposing that this is probably what we are designed to do and that we are stressing ourselves to continue beyond that amount of time.

 ~Anticipate.  The science of happiness has found that we are happier for much longer and more deeply, about a positive event in our lives (such as a trip, a party, a vacation, an anniversary celebration...etc.) if we plan it ahead, look forward to it and then re-visit it in our memory afterwords.  Seems like daydreaming is a good thing!

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