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Monday, April 5, 2010

Keeping Your Perspective

   Sometimes when I attend a presentation, as I did today, by another therapist, I get inspired.  This was about a very difficult case getting good results for the patient.  Not only is that a wonderful thing to hear about, but, it was the joy that the treating therapist felt which was so infectious.  She was quite clinical and straight-laced for 95% of her talk, then, toward the end, in the more informal question-answer period, her animation gave her away!  This was not about money, not about pride of accomplishment, it was the pure and simple joy of sharing a change for the better in another human being.  And I think that most of us, in the room, felt happy for him (the patient) and also, just excited to hear about good work being done.
   The point is, that there IS help out there, of all kinds.  There ARE good, qualified people in all fields --- professional and business.  Granted, you may "...have to kiss a lot of frogs." but, if you need assistance, be pro-active (this patient was) and find someone who can really help.
   The second point about this story is that, although most of us (who have skills to offer others) DO need to earn a living, there are other motivations besides earning money, like doing a good job or finding personal meaning in your work.  Maybe you can think of more and will share them with us in the comments section...
   Keeping our perspective is vital in these challenging times.  Some people are more beset with troubles than others, as always, but right now, many-many people, if not most people, are suffering a significant downturn economically.  That is an adjustment.  It requires re-prioritizing.
Keeping your perspective: ~ Find help, if you need it.
                                           ~Recognize you are facing change, unbidden, large and small.
                                           ~Have compassion for yourself.
                                           ~Stay in reality but, allow yourself to enjoy what IS good in your life.
                                           ~Avoid catastrophic thinking.
                                           ~Remember that others are in the same boat, you're not a lone victim.
                                           ~It's probably not your fault.  Most middle-class people have worked hard and are still.  They thought they were doing all the right things and then, the rug got pulled out from under them.
                                           ~Borrow coping strategies from your friends.  Since so many of us are struggling financially at this time, there are plenty of examples all around you to draw from.
                                           ~Offer a smile or a genuine compliment to someone else; maybe you'll get one someday and it will cheer you up.
                                           ~Again, maintain reality but you can still look for (even expect) good things to happen.
   Let me know how you are doing

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